In these terms and conditions the word School refers to the Salisbury School of English.

How to book a course

Complete the booking form (either in paper format or from our web site) and return it to the School. At certain times of the year, there is considerable demand for course places and accommodation. We advise students to book as early as possible for courses in July and August.

The booking form must be signed by the person accepting responsibility for the payment of fees, and must be accompanied by the booking fee of £60, or an indication of how the booking fee has been sent, if it has been sent through a bank.
When the booking has been processed, the student will be sent a confirmation letter with course details, the accommodation address and our invoice for the fees.

All fees must be paid in full, at least 14 days before arrival (or immediately in the case of late bookings). Fees can be paid by a cheque drawn on an English bank and sent by post, by bank transfer or by credit card.

Those wishing to pay by credit should send an authorisation to the school. There is an authorisation form in the left section of this page. This form can be sent by fax or post. For security reasons we do not advise clients to send their credit card details by e-mail.
In the case of late bookings fees must be paid on the first day of the course.

Non EU Nationals

In many cases it will be necessary for students from countries outside the European Union (EU), to contact the British Embassy or Consulate in their home country in order to arrange for a visa for entry into the United Kingdom. The Embassy and, in some cases, the Immigration Officials at the port of entry in Britain, will often require to see the confirmation of booking sent by us. They may also ask for proof that fees have been paid in advance, and possibly evidence that the student has sufficient funds for a stay in Britain.

Methods of Payment

Payment can be made by Credit Card or Bank Transfer in UK Sterling, Euros or US Dollars through an overseas bank. All bank charges must be paid in advance by the sender.

Payment to:
Account Name: The Salisbury School of English
Bank: Lloyds TSB Bank, Blue Boar Row, Salisbury, SP1 1DB, England
Sort Code: (£) 30-97-41 (€) 30-96-34 ($) 30-96-34
Account Number: (£) 01665289 (€) 86146361 ($) 11131206

With all such payments it is important to quote the student's name and invoice number. Alternatively, fees can be paid in the UK in pounds Sterling, Euros or in US Dollars, by cheque drawn on an English Bank in UK Sterling or US Dollars. Cheques should be made payable to The Salisbury School of English.

General Conditions

BOOKING A booking becomes valid and binding for both parties once it has been confirmed in writing by post, fax or e-mail to the School. The booking form signatory agrees to pay the stipulated course and accommodation fees.
CANCELLATION The School should be notified as soon as possible of any cancellations. In the case of cancellation, the following charges will apply:
Cancellation 30 - 1 day before course start 30% of the course fee & 1 weeks' accommodation
Non-appearance 100% of the course fee & 1 week's accommodation

LATE ARRIVAL AND NON-ATTENDANCE OF COURSES Where students fail to attend a course that they have paid for, or arrive late without informing the School in advance, there can be no repayment of fees unless a valid medical certificate is presented.

ACCOMMODATION BOOKINGS Unless otherwise agreed, accommodation is reserved from the Sunday before the course start date until the Saturday or Sunday of the last week of the course. Only full weeks are calculated for payment purposes. Students wishing to leave their accommodation for whatever reason, must give one full week's notice or pay one week's accommodation charge. The School acts as an intermediary between the student and the private home, or hotel/guesthouse. All payments are treated as disbursements for VAT purposes. We reserve the right to change accommodation bookings when circumstances dictate. We regret that we can only arrange accommodation for students attending a course at the School.

TRANSPORT Whilst every precaution is taken to check the quality of the service, journeys arranged in hired transport, although booked by the School, are made entirely at the students' own risk and School can accept no liability for such journeys.

INSURANCE Students are not insured by the School or by the host family booked through us, against illness, theft or loss of personal effects. We accept no responsibility in the event of such occurrences, and therefore, recommend that students take out personal insurance cover before travelling to Britain. Medical insurance can be arranged through the School. The cost is ?20 per month.

OVERNIGHT TRIPS FROM SALISBURY Students under the age of 18, wishing to stay away from their host family overnight, must have written permission from their parents. Such requests should be presented to the School, well in advance of the occasion.

ATTENDANCE Students are awarded certificates for attending courses at School. Where a student is consistently late, or misses lessons, no such certificate will be awarded.

CURTAILMENTS There can be no refund of fees once a course has started unless justified on medical grounds supported by a British doctors certificate. Accommodation payment will be refunded less one week.

HOLIDAYS Students studying for three months or more may take up to two weeks holiday during their course. Two week's notice must be given in writing.
Those two weeks may be deferred to the end of the course. Students must pay a retainer for their accommodation during the holiday period.

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