Newsletter March 2006

The winter should be drawing to a close now but the signs are that it will last a bit longer. This has been, by our standards, a very cold winter with temperatures seldom above 5 degrees, even in the daytime, for almost 3 months.
The famous English spring flowers are over a month late. No daffodils yet, only a few brave snow drops and crocuses.
Today the weather has been beautiful, so much so that students have been playing table tennis in the garden. Then at four o’clock there was a snow storm!

There have been some major staff changes at the School during the winter. Anna Wills, our Operations Manager for over ten years, has had a baby and has decided to leave the School. When she finishes maternity leave she will take up a post as Principal in an adult college near Brighton. However, she will be back in Salisbury in the summer to run our residential centres.
Her husband, Mike, who was Promotions Assistant, will be a “home husband” and will take care of the baby.

There are therefore two new members of staff at the School.

example graphic
Aileen Hill is the new Operations Manager
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Alison Benbough is the new Promotions Assistant

Our new course for young learners, English and Football, is proving to be popular with enrolments from Mexico, Sweden, Germany and Italy. There are still some places on the course which takes place 31st July to 11th August.
Another special course is English and Water Sports, this is taking place at our sister school in Weymouth in July.

The most important people in any school are the teachers. Those in the picture below are the ones who work in the School year-round. In the summer they are joined by another fifty or so colleagues. But at the moment, the summer seems a long way away!

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