This test will give you an idea of the level of your class when you study at The Salisbury School of English. The first few questions are quite easy…. Then they become more difficult.

Each question has FOUR possible answers. Just click on the ONE that you think is correct.
Sometimes you will see that one of the choices looks like this:
b) _____
This means that NO word is correct.
Example: John lives in a) the b) an c) ____ d) a England.
Here, c) _____ is the correct answer.

example graphic1)  Hello. I'm Ian. I'm   teacher at the Salisbury School of English.

2)  I   from Salisbury.

3)  Salisbury's a city    the south of England.

4)    the questions in this test.

5)  Then you will know how   your English is!

Here we go! Read about Anna, a student at the Salisbury School of English.

6)  Anna   Salisbury very much.

7)  She first came to Salisbury three years 

8)  There are   beautiful places near Salisbury.

9)  Stonehenge is   most famous place near Salisbury..

10)  Anna has made   friends in Salisbury.

11)  She's staying   an English family.

12)  She always arrives   school at 8.30.

13)    lessons start at 9.15.

14)  She has lessons   3.15 in the afternoon.

15)    the evening she goes out with her friends. 


16)  Anna's   friend is Andy from Korea.

17)  Andy   to the cinema with Anna.

18)  He   in Salisbury for three months.

19)  He'd like   at an English University.

20)  He's very interested   music.

21)  He enjoys   to English bands.

22)  Next weekend, Andy and Anna   a band in London.

23)  Last week they went to Bath. While they were there they   The Roman Baths.

24)  They   get up very early to catch the coach to Bath.

25)  Andy asked Anna   him to make sure he got out of bed!

Here are some general grammar questions.
Make correct sentences which have the same meaning:
Example: It isn't necessary for you to come to class tomorrow,
You a) mustn't b) needn't c) don't need d) shouldn't come to class tomorrow

26)  I told you to go home - and you didn't
You   gone home.

27)  I want to have a long holiday. 
I wish I   have a long holiday.

28)  You've been working very hard. I'm sure you're tired.
You've been working very hard. You   tired.

29) Why don't you go to bed?
If I   you, I'd go to bed.

30)  I'm cold. May I close the window, please?
I'm cold.   the window, please?

31)  The weekend trip to London has been cancelled.
The weekend trip to London is 

32)  I used to like football, but I don't any more.
I've gone   football.

33)  Oh dear! I missed her because I was late.
I wish I'd arrived   . Then I would have seen her.

34) I'm tired because I went to bed late.
If I   to bed so late, I wouldn't feel so tired.

35) I don't really want to go out this evening.
 go out this evening.

36) We'll get wet if we don't take an umbrella.
Unless we   an umbrella we'll get wet.

37)  The electrician mended my TV.
 by the electrician.

38)  Have you got the correct time?
Do you know 

39)  I said that we should take some sandwiches with us.
I suggested   some sandwiches with us.

40)  Neither Michael nor I have seen that film.
I haven't seen that film. Michael hasn't seen it   

And now some more difficult questions….. Make the correct choice:

41) No sooner   than the phone rang.

42) He left two hours ago so he   arrived by now.

43)  He's rich and attractive.   , he's also very charming.

44) He's rich and attractive.   , he's rather unpleasant.

45)  I was so surprised…. You could've 

46) The President will give a   speech tomorrow.

47) The manageress complimented her staff   their sales results.

48) He thought he'd bought a valuable painting, but he was disappointed to discover that it was   .

49) Only when he got home   that he'd left his laptop at the office.

50) He arrived at work late   no fault of his own.

Score:   out of 50
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